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*According to a Penn State University study.

Life Insurance is great. When it works…

Don’t misunderstand, we really do think life insurance is a great tool that can provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.

However, almost 90% of all Universal Life policies and over 95% of all Term Life policies never result in a death claim.*

That’s a fact.

Don’t let your policy become a statistic. Rather than a lapse or surrender, selling your policy could provide on average four times more cash than you’d get from surrendering.

You should consider selling your policy if…

  • You can no longer afford the premiums.
  • Your kids are grown and financially independent.
  • You’ve outlived your beneficiary.
  • You’d rather have money now than continue making premium payments.
  • Changes in the estate tax exemption mean the policy is no longer necessary.
  • …and really any other reason you can think of! Understanding what your policy is worth, even if you don’t want to sell it, is a wise decision. You never know when you’ll need to tap into that asset.

See how selling their policy helped these people.

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Tom and Michelle saved for years to put their son through medical school. Now that he’s a successful physician, they were looking to reduce their expenses in retirement.

Their term policy was approaching the end of its conversion period and converting it meant a substantially higher premium. They nearly lapsed their policy before calling us.

Tom & Michelle* sold their $1,000,000 Term policy for


Insured’s age: 72 & 68

Dave always wanted the best for his mother. And when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, he and his wife Sarah were determined to get her the best care possible. Then he saw the bill.

He was able to sell his mother’s life insurance policy to cover her long-term care needs and was able to give her the level of care she deserved.

Dave* sold his mother’s $500,000 Universal Life policy for


Insured’s age: 83

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