I want to sell, but how do I know if my policy qualifies?

The easiest way to find out is just give us a call or complete our online questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes and doesn’t cost you a dime.

What we’re looking for.

At the most basic level, we’re looking for policies that are at least $100,000 and insure someone who is 60 years old or older. Younger people may qualify, but there will typically need to be a serious health condition present. The type of condition can play a big role in eligibility.

We don’t want to mislead you, not everyone who meets these basic conditions will qualify, but there’s a good chance. Fortunately, we handle all the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is provide the info and a signature.

Own a policy that’s $100,000+

Any policy type, including Term, may qualify.

Be age 60 or older

The age requirement is flexible depending on health, but age 60 is where we see more people begin to qualify.

Have a Change in Health

If the insured is younger than 60, there will usually need to be some sort of health condition present.

Determining if your policy qualifies can
be a complicated process.

And we do it all for free ;)

We’ll gather all the necessary information, perform an in-depth evaluation, and let you know if your policy qualifies faster than you can sing “877-SELL-EASY!” To get started, just submit your policy information and we’ll be on it lickety-split.

Let’s get started.

Find out if you qualify faster than you can sing “877-SELL-EASY”

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